amber_alert_largeFor the past few weeks I have covered over sharing, but this time I want to step off beat for a minute. Let’s discuss the flip side of social media. This time I want to cover some of the better aspects of the social media world. One of the most important being the Amber Alert. In the past, when a child went missing, it was only covered and shared with the local news. Now, if a child goes missing, people in a state clear across the country know about it. We can thank social media for that. I would like to think that if one of my children were to be kidnapped and taken across several states that as many people as possible knew of their disappearance. Social media also has other perks that we all enjoy. Family being one of those perks. I have been reconnected with family members through social media that I have not seen since I was a young child. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I can now communicate with family members that I may not have been able to otherwise. People are also using these sites to find lost loved ones such as adopted children and separated siblings. Anything that brings families closer together and brings joy and happiness to someone’s life has my vote. It not only helps reconnect with family members but friends as well. With social media sites, you can find old classmates, childhood friends, and so much more. It’s nice to be able to talk to people you grew up with and see where their lives have taken them. There are other benefits of social media too, that I think we all enjoy. We are able to keep up to date with our favorite musicians, television shows, authors, and much more. If you have a favorite band, you can easily find out the minute their newest album goes public. You can follow your favorite authors to see when they have public appearances that you may be able to attend. There are so many good benefits to social media sites. While there are also bad aspects of the social world, keep in mind that I just gave you a few of the many ways that social media has broadened the horizon for us all. Remember…Keep being social!