Author: Sharon Isom

Dear Santa from Sharon

Dear Santa, These last two years have sucked. 2016 was bad but I 2017 was definitely worse in many aspects. I really need you to help turn that around. I have some great building blocks- a family that I love, amazing friends, and a day job that I enjoy. I really need you to step up your game Santa and make 2018 at least a decent year. We all need a break. We deserve some good fortune. Surely Karma is ready to smile on us after the last two crummy years. I would like to be able to eat...

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Sharon Meets the True Meaning of Christmas

I do not like Christmas. I have made no secret of this. It ranks somewhere towards the bottom of my list with Easter and Valentine’s Day. The whole month of December is full obligations. Gifts that I have to buy, presents to wrap, decorations to put up, traditions to continue, food to make, family gatherings to attend, a few more unplanned gifts to buy, and the list goes on. I despise it all. The month speeds by in a tired blur. I am left exhausted, overwhelmed, and with substantially less money. Every time I think I have a grasp...

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Sharon Meets Holiday Group Texts

Group texts can be useful when used properly. I hate being the middle man when making plans. Going back and forth between one person and the other. It is ridiculous. Group text eliminates this problem. However, during the holidays, group texts are nightmares. When making arrangements for holiday gatherings, our group texts often have up to ten or fifteen people participating. This means that I am subjected to constant text alerts. The messages come so fast that the sound of my generic iPhone text tone is interrupted by the next message. Chaos ensues. I can barely follow the conversation....

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The Hall of Hotties: Holland Roden

Holland Roden was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. As a child and young adult, her passion was split between acting and science. Unlike many other actors, it was her education that brought her to Los Angeles. She enrolled in UCLA with a major in molecular biology and women’s study. After completing her freshman year of college, her desire to act was renewed. She signed with a talent agent and was quickly booked for cameos in multiple series including “Community” and “Criminal Minds”. She also had the lead role in the teen movie “Bring it on: Fight to the...

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