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Let me ask you a question and before you answer, I want you to answer this as fast as possible. Do you want to win some cool stuff? Of course, you do. So that leads us to our new Facebook Contest. We are the hunt to reach 3000, so we are going to give away some amazing stuff. Once we hit 3000, we are going to have a drawing to win a NERDY Prize Package. All you have to do is like our Facebook Page and Share this post. TBK Magazine First up………. The 12th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver: Doctor...

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Self-Help for the Helpless #7

It’s so quiet around here, it seems like this place has been deserted, and turned into a wild west theme park. And if you are a fan of wild west theme parks, chances are that you are a 48-year-old virgin who has a real estate license, thinking the American love dream is the relationship from the movie Vacation. It has been awhile since I have graced this magazine with my beautiful Stick Figure Face, and for those who do not know me, let me introduce myself because chances are by the end of this, you will wish my head...

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Millennial Mom: Ramblings of a Generation Y Breeder

Millennials have been catching shit since the oldest of our generation started coming of age. Some for good reason, but not all of our actions or privileges are caused because we are a “spoiled” generation. We are simply making do with the hand that we have been dealt. How is growing up in a time of advancing technology our fault, anyway?! IT’S NOT! Don’t hate us cause you ain’t us. But like Uncle Ben said; “With great power, comes great responsibility”. And we have dropped the ball by tenfold. Now that the majority of millennials are becoming parents, we...

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Sharon meets Hashtags

Hashtags took me a while to figure out. Probably because it took me so long to embrace Twitter. As with most pop culture phenomenon, I had to do some research.  In 2007, former Google developer, Chris Messina, suggested that we used the symbol # in front of a shared phrase to link common topics when using a social media platform. This would allow the topics to be searchable so that all related posts would be easy to find. His suggestion was not received with open arms. In fact, he was ridiculed for it. This began to change later that same year, during...

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Sharon Meets Candy Crush

Dante asked me to download the app for the game Candy Crush so I could play with him.  I declined for a long time. I am frequently left exhausted by my job.  I knew that I did not have time to dedicate myself to playing a game regularly. Finally, I relented. I downloaded Candy Crush app to my phone and went through the set up process. “Link to Facebook?” Sure. “Post on your behalf” Absolutely not! What type of game needs to post to Facebook for me? Ok, finally I think that I can play the game. Nope, must...

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