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Dear Santa from Richard

Dear Santa, I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing fantastic. I know this is the busiest time of the year for you, and I am so excited that you took the time to read my letter. I have to start off by asking something very special. Is there any way that you can make it cold and throw in some snow. I am not even caring if it touches the ground at this point. I just want to see some snow falling. I really miss it being cold at Christmas. I am expecting a Christmas floating trip at...

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The Buzz Kill Live #36

First off we want to say thank you to the men and women of the armed forces for defending our freedom, this one is for you. The most random show on the net and it is personal. We discuss the greatness of the Batman 66 Tv show. How the phrase of “No offense” can allow a person to get away with anything. We have a nerd debate over how early Christmas Music is played. Which time traveling device would you rather have, the TARDIS or the Delorean. We count down shows number 20-11 in our Top 50 sitcoms of...

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Wrecking Ball: Break Ups Don’t Always Suck

Let’s face it, we all go through one at one point and time in life or another. Sometimes there are breaks from a short lived relationship, best friends, or spouses. This is something that happens to me more often than not much to my disappointment. I guess it’s just intimidating to have a beautiful, loyal, transgender partner who’s overly emotional and just a tad bat shit crazy. I have yet to find someone who finds these qualities endearing, which sucks worse than that two bit hooker in that amateur porn you’re probably using to release your new found frustrations...

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My Wandering Mind: Out of Time Travel

Over the past two months my life has become peacefully unsettled, and as a result, I have not had an adequate amount of time to spend at my computer. As a result of that I have not written much throughout this time span. Or maybe that’s just the excuse part, and the truth part is that I haven’t had anything to write about. Or that I had something to write about, but the proper word form hasn’t come to me yet. Or maybe I’d rather play video games. Either or, either way, I’m writing right now. Not right now...

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Shamelessly Social #3

For the past few weeks I have covered over sharing, but this time I want to step off beat for a minute. Let’s discuss the flip side of social media. This time I want to cover some of the better aspects of the social media world. One of the most important being the Amber Alert. In the past, when a child went missing, it was only covered and shared with the local news. Now, if a child goes missing, people in a state clear across the country know about it. We can thank social media for that. I would...

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