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Dear Santa from Richard

Dear Santa, Hi, hope you are doing well! I figured I would start off with a greeting because I kind of get long-winded in my letters at times. But you already know that. I am 33 years old, and every year when I sit down to write this letter, I always revert back to my childhood. I remember the days of sitting down at the coffee table with a pen and piece of paper and write out all of my wants that year. The toys, the video games, and anything that would cross my little mind would be put...

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Sharon Meets the True Meaning of Christmas

I do not like Christmas. I have made no secret of this. It ranks somewhere towards the bottom of my list with Easter and Valentine’s Day. The whole month of December is full obligations. Gifts that I have to buy, presents to wrap, decorations to put up, traditions to continue, food to make, family gatherings to attend, a few more unplanned gifts to buy, and the list goes on. I despise it all. The month speeds by in a tired blur. I am left exhausted, overwhelmed, and with substantially less money. Every time I think I have a grasp...

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TBK Live #108: PHILLiz Navidad

The most random show on the net is back for a very special Christmas episode. Joining the show tonight is the Macho Phill, and we discuss all things Christmas. Movies, Songs, Gifts, and a sentimental moment that will warm the heart. Sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and listen to this amazing episode. TBK Live #108: PHILLiz Navidad by Richard with special guest Phillip Carr https://episodes.castos.com/tbkradio/Chrismaswithphill.mp3 iTunes Download Google...

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