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Word Vomit: Weak Flesh, Faithful Heart

The mind and spirit are strong with love The body weak with lust Heart resisting temptation The flesh craving sinful touch   Yearning for that connection, yet fearing that imprinting glance The body shudders, mind imagines; Carnal pleasures to be had   Heart says no, he’s not for you Body says come closer Both battle; wage war, for what they cannot have   Love wins the war this time; Forces body to await her lover’s...

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A Tribute to my Space Mom the Rebel Princess Leia

As I sit here still in shock from the passing of mine and rest of the worlds Rebel Space Princess Carrie Fisher, I remember all the things I learned from her. I learned as a young child in the 90’s after sitting down with my dad to watch Star Wars for the first time that a girl… an actual princess could take on an Empire, the bad guys, the worst villain’s in the galaxy and win. She could lead the rebel forces of good and do it with wit and grace. That I need not hold back from the...

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Breaking the Bottle #8

That mother’s day, my ex-husband dropped off our girls with me for the day, and we stayed with my friend Misty. Maybe 20 minutes later my grandfather called to tell me that grandma was being taken to the hospital by ambulance and wanted to know if I wanted to go with. I said “No, I just got the girls, and I need to spend time with them, please keep me updated.” He hung up, and we went on about our evening. I remember feeling guilty that I didn’t go to the hospital and justifying it by saying she’s always...

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Alzheimer’s Revisited at Grandma’s Table

Today, I was watching a video that turned out to be a trigger point into yesterday for me. It was a video of Glen Campbell and his song, “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.” It was a song that spoke of what he was going to be facing with his Alzheimer’s disease. From a deep sadness within I found myself going back a few years to my own grandmother’s last few years with this same disease. My grandma was my hero. She was a hero to everyone that ever spent time with her. She was the wisest person I ever...

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A Goodbye “Rose”

I am not sure about any of you, but if my phone rings after a certain time a lump begins to form in my throat. I always think of the worse. I feel that it is going to be the call that changes the very foundation of our life. I know when my mother was going through the worse times with health, I just always had to expect that phone call would happen. But what if, that phone call is the one that catches you completely off guard. What if that phone call destroys the very foundation of the...

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