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Shamelessly Social #3

For the past few weeks I have covered over sharing, but this time I want to step off beat for a minute. Let’s discuss the flip side of social media. This time I want to cover some of the better aspects of the social media world. One of the most important being the Amber Alert. In the past, when a child went missing, it was only covered and shared with the local news. Now, if a child goes missing, people in a state clear across the country know about it. We can thank social media for that. I would...

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Shamelessly Social #2

You would think that if a person took the time to plan and carry out a criminal act that they would do everything possible not to get caught. Well, that is not always the case. Let me tell you a few stories about criminally social individuals who cannot help themselves from over-sharing. There is a Nebraska woman who shared in a big way. After stealing a car full of drugs and robbing a bank, she posted a YouTube video detailing the entire incident and her reasons behind it. She made a point to hold up the drugs and car...

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Shamelessly Social

We have all done it! Some do it daily and some not so often but we all do it. We Share! We share on Facebook, we share on Twitter, we share on YouTube, and any other social media site we have access to. As social creatures by nature, we all get the urge to share parts of our lives with others. Today’s technology makes sharing so easy and openly accepted but let’s be honest…some people could share a little bit less. I’m the first to admit that I have been known to post things that would make you wonder...

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