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Millennial Mom: Ramblings of a Generation Y Breeder

Millennials have been catching shit since the oldest of our generation started coming of age. Some for good reason, but not all of our actions or privileges are caused because we are a “spoiled” generation. We are simply making do with the hand that we have been dealt. How is growing up in a time of advancing technology our fault, anyway?! IT’S NOT! Don’t hate us cause you ain’t us. But like Uncle Ben said; “With great power, comes great responsibility”. And we have dropped the ball by tenfold. Now that the majority of millennials are becoming parents, we...

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Sharon meets Hashtags

Hashtags took me a while to figure out. Probably because it took me so long to embrace Twitter. As with most pop culture phenomenon, I had to do some research.  In 2007, former Google developer, Chris Messina, suggested that we used the symbol # in front of a shared phrase to link common topics when using a social media platform. This would allow the topics to be searchable so that all related posts would be easy to find. His suggestion was not received with open arms. In fact, he was ridiculed for it. This began to change later that same year, during...

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Sharon Meets Twitter

I am not new to social media. I started out on Myspace like so many other Millennials. However, sometime between 2006- 2007, Myspace seriously lost the cool factor. We all shifted to Facebook to stay in touch with friends, families, and people that we had met once at a party and then never saw again. Since that time, I have been content to remain on Facebook and it has served its purpose. I am able to share my life events and photos with my family so that I do not have to see them so often. I have even been...

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People Who Get Offended By Everything Online….WTF?!?!?!?!

People who log online only to be offended by everything that you see, I only have one thing to say…..WHAT THE FUCK????!!!! I remember the days of being able to log into Social Media back in the day, way back before we had Facebook. Back in the days where we were able to choose who our Top 8 friends were and create a background that would take years to load on a computer. I remember it being a much happier time, people were not bickering, and instead we were interacting with our favorite stars and musicians all the day...

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