It’s the most wonderful time of year. People drinking way to much eggnog and taking off their clothes at the company Christmas Party. There will always be that image of Whitney humping the fiber-optic tree. We still can’t find that little tree. During these fun times, Christmas songs will always be playing in the background no matter where you. I know there are the great traditional classics but some of those ARE COMPLETE SHIT. Here is a list of Top 5 Worst Traditional Christmas Songs.

Little Drummer Boy. Hey look who it is, It’s The man who causes Silent Nights, Bing Crosby. When listening to Christmas songs on the radio and this song comes on I think of one rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum FUCK.

Those are the top 5 Worst Traditional Christmas Songs. Now I am gonna go take a nap.

RD Russell