It is a  blog. Holy shit, is this thing actually going to get updated. Well, I guess it is.I have played around the idea of making a way to symbolize the most attractive women on this blog. Thus I came up with the Hall Of Hotties. Plus, its just an excuse to post pics of Hot chicks. The first member is:


Rachael Ray
Well, if you know me really well you know, I think she is FUCKING HOTTTTTT. She kinda has that girl next door look. I would totally do dirty things with her in the kitchen, like make make a cake from scratch. She is a syndicated daytime talk show host. She also hosts a show on the food networked called 30 Minute Meals.  I just want to say it would take me longer than 30 minutes if she was my meal. She is a wonderful chef. She is also the girl you would take home to mom.If you ever get divorced call me, please! Rachael Ray Congrats on being The First member to The Hall Of Hotties
 She Gets A Whisk To Beat Me Off