Last night was the most watched show in television history. Puppy Bowl 6 on Animal Planet. If you really think that was it then you must live under the biggest rock in the world and need to think about donating your body to science. The Saints win and what I wouldn’t give to be on Bourbon Street right now. But who really gives two shits about the game. It’s all about the Super Bowl Ads. This is look at the good, The bad, And The what in the hell were they thinking. Joining Me on this review and against my better judgment, Stick Figure Dan. His comments will be in red. Dan are you ready to get this party started.
First of all you dirty cock sucker, How many fucking Puppy Bowl jokes are you gonna make in this blog. We get it. It is boring and on a Network that no one watches except people into some hardcore Beastiality Bull Shit. I will tell you who gives two shits, Colts fans. How pissed off would be if you had Supposedly the greatest quarterback to play the game and He Chokes Faster Than your ex-girlfriend on a dick. Let’s Just look at these stupid things so I can get back to my internet porn.

First up, We have the Boost Mobile Shuffle. It is a spoof of the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle. This was a pretty funny ad, even more so if like the Nostalgia flare to it. Not the best But certainly not the worst.
Ok. I agree with you, if you like to watch Old people try to live their glory days. This isn’t Fucking Rocky. It’s a damn ad in the super bowl and it sucked at that. They tried to any other Dance moves they would have thrown out a god damn hip. Next Please.

The next ad Comes from Home Away. I didn’t really care for this one. I like the Vacation movies but this ad would have been better in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I wouldn’t want to have to pay for that bottle either Clark.

An Ad for an over glorified Bed and Breakfast. I want to stay in a house where an old woman lives with 20 cats. If I wanted that I would stay with Richard. But since you hated it, I loved it.

Career Builder has some great Ads over the last few years. This continues the tradition. How would you feel if casual Friday was like this all the time?

I threw up when I saw this ad.


All I could think about was  golf balls. I couldn’t help but think if you did a Casual Friday here, Seeing your Ass made me think of all those dimples on that little golf ball. Question: Which Has more dimples a golf ball Or Richards Ass? Answer: Richards Ass. Tiger wood wouldn’t even hit your ass with a pitching wedge.

My personal favorite ad of the big game. Doritos brought their A Game last night. The ending was classic.  The it’s a miracle ad will go down in my opinion as the best ad of the year.

My problem with this ad was, It wasn’t you in the casket. If it was you, I would replace Doritos with water, Hydrophobic Pussy. I would be shouting it’s a miracle cause you will finally be gone.

The You Play like Betty white Snickers Ad.

They must have saw you playing football. Even Better, Maybe They saw you having sex. I have seen it. You fuck like Betty White, Cold And Stiff.

Why do you have to be so mean? Is it that easy for you? How can you sleep at night?

Because you hurt easily. I want to you to hurt, you sensitive Silk Pant wearing Mother fucker. Yes, It is easy like you at an All you can Eat Sausage fest. I lay my head on my pillow and fall fast a sleep. Just put up the last one I have a blog to write.

The little kids Doritos ad. You better not mess with this kid.

That kid knows how to keep his pimp hand strong. 

That’s it I am done. I am going to cry. Those are some of the ads for Super bowl 44. 

AWW. Poor Baby. Get the Fuck Out I got a blog to write anyway.