This blog has always been intended to make someone laugh. I have never took the time to write my opinions on a national news story on the internet. I am really bothered deep down by this one. This is my open letter to Pastor Terry Jones of The Dove world Outreach Center Church.

Dear “Pastor” Terry Jones,

I am normally proud to be a Christian. I was raised to be a Christian. I believe in god. I believe that he sent his only begotten son to die for our sins. Then there are people that give Christianity a bad name. You Mr. Jones are one those people. Your closed minded views on the religion of Isalm. I have a few close friend that are Islam and I would be proud to stand next to them. Whether, in friendship or war. I believe you think that every member of the Islamic faith will strap a bomb to them and kill themselves as well as innocent bystanders.

I was mad about 9/11, Innocent people died because of radical terrorist group. That however, does not give you the right to burn the Quran. Think about the consequences of your decision. You will be putting our troops in Afghanistan in serious danger. Do you not care about the young men and women fighting to protect us and the rest of the world from the radical group Al Quieda? Your actions will put them in more danger. Our troops go out and fight for our freedoms so jerks like you can abuse the first amendment. You are abusing the right of freedom of speech.

My second point, Why? You burning the Quran doesn’t make you any better than the Westboro Baptist Church protesting the funerals of fallen soldiers. Hell, you sir are no better than the hijackers of the planes that were crashed in World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. You are writing a check that your ass will not be able to cash. You are nothing more than a terrorist.

RD Russell

PS The reason I put pastor in quotes is cause Mr. Jones you are nothing more than a spreader of hate. A Pastor shows love and compassion toward fellow man.

I really don’t want this jerk giving Christianity or America a bad name. I was always taught that we love thy neighbor. Isn’t that you know, a commandment. We are supposed to use the word of god. I want all people of the Islamic faith to know. Please don’t put the rest of country in this Judas. We do not have the same feeling as him. I am a firm believer in Karma. He will learn that what he is doing is wrong.