Dear Mothers of kids who watch Sesame Street and were offended by Katy Perry,

Are you fucking Serious? First you ruin our Super Bowl halftime entertainment. Which by the way, why were you pissed at that? More men watch football. Do you think that seeing a tit was gonna hurt him? I will make sure to send a note to my stripper friends telling her not to show him her boobs. He might runaway in a panic and cry like a little whipped bitch. Now, you are gonna take away, the male who sits at home flipping the channels to try and find something to masturbate to , pleasure. How dare you? Do you really think your 3 year old is gonna instantly sprout his first boner when Katy Perry came on screen? I mean, he saw your boobs when feeding. To him it will be an all you eat smorgasbord of boobies. I think you need to pull the string out of the va jay jay and let some energy flow normally. It is not the 1950s any more. What is next banning Grover because he has Blue Balls. If I offended you, please send all hate mail to I hate him so he can deal with it. He probably fucking agrees with your asinine point of view. Thank you

Figure It Out
Stick Figure Dan.

Here is the video in question.