Its time for a start of something new. A dawning of new era in my career. As a stand up comic for almost 10 years, I have had to promote myself. I have been kinda whoring myself for the longest time while making less than hookers. damn it. A while ago I came up for the idea of my own production company. I have thought about it for months even years. The time never felt right. There has been a distraction at every corner. Recently, I felt the time was right. I have started the ball in motion. 

 I proudly introduce you to Craving Humor Productions. CHP, is my brain child. Its finally out of the breastfeeding stages.  

The services we will offer, Two Online stores for you shop to purchase funny sayings on a plethora of different products. We will also be able to design shirts for you.  Businesses need shirts printed in bulk we can do that for you as well. For very reasonable prices.

 CHP will also offer photography, Radio and Television Ad writing. And coming soon we will be able to record radio ads in house and be able to film tv ads. Also coming soon, Booking young and upstart talent for gigs and shows.

The future is bright. The goals will keep getting bigger and We will achieve those with our pants high. I really hope you give us a chance for your production needs.  If you have any questions at all or are interested in any of services email us at