I went to Depot Days in Newport AR this past weekend. It was an amazing experience seeing the sidemen to such performers like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. If you get a chance next year to head to Depot Days, I highly recommend it. Learn more about Depot Days at www.depotdays.org ( That is what we call a cheap plug in the business.) I am trying to get over an allergy attack. They have bent me over backwards and made me their bitch. You know when you are feeling bad, you get to lazy to turn the channel. I ended up watching the cinematic masterpiece Crossroads starring iconic actress, Britney Spears. Speaking of dancing bitches, Did you see Micheal Bolton on DWTS. He sucked. I was watching DWTS in a haze of Allergy meds and Sweet tea. I had a great idea for The Hall Of Hotties. Ladies and most importantly Gentleman. The First Mother , Daughter Induction:

Sarah And Bristol Palin

Sarah Palin came on the National scene in the 2008 presidential election when then presidential candidate John McCain chose her to be his VP. She the former governor of the state of Alaska. She looks at herself as just a Hockey Mom. I would like to get her out on the ice and show her my stick and put one through the pipes. This MILF, is one of the main reasons for the beginning of the Tea Party. I have two words if Sarah and me ever end up in the bedroom together: Tea Bag.

Bristol Palin is the soon to be 20 year old daughter of Sarah. She also burst on the scene during the 2008 presidential election. She was going to be a teenage mother. I have a question, What do we call teen moms? We cant call them MILFS. I am using the new term of T-MILF! This T-MILF, is now an advocate for abstinence. She was cast in season 11 of DWTS. She has been fun to watch. I could show you some moves Bristol and better than Levi could ever show you. Plus, what a set of legs on this girl. DAMN. I would sell my middle testicle just to touch one.

Sarah and Bristol is every man’s Mother, Daughter fantasy. I welcome you both into the Hall Of Hotties. Sarah,. I know my chance with you are about as good as me winning Powerball twice. However, Bristol if you or any of your people read this. I am a loving and caring chubby bastard. Literally a bastard. I think we would go together like Mac and Cheese, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Edward and Bella.