Wow, look at that picture! I’m nearly speechless. Yeah, who am I kidding? This is Danielle and I can be accused of being many things, but speechless is rarely one of them and the same can certainly be said for my first induction to the Hall of Hunks, Anthony Bourdain. Chef, writer, cynic, traveler and hunk with plenty to say about everything. Starting his career working in restaurants in New York City, Bourdain has published several books, including Kitchen Confidential and The Dirty Bits…of course, those are certainly my favorite parts! His show, No Reservations, on the Travel Channel never fails to satisfy that late night food porn craving. Mr. Bourdain is definitely a classic example of improving with age, that salt and pepper hair not the least of his yummy attributes. The laugh, the grumpiness, the smoking, the drinking, typical badboy fashion with intelligence and a common touch. Long, denim clad legs ending in cowboy boots. Witty, oozing testosterone in the sexiest, earthiest way possible, we salute the food porn king with an induction into the Hall of Hunks! Damn, I’m hungry again… 😉