Don’t you love the fall? The leaves changing color, football, and the fall premieres. Last night we saw the return of DWTS. Tonight, we see the return of one of the most fun shows to watch. The return of Glee. I am admitting and proudly, I am a Gleek. Think about the unanswered questions that will have to be answered this season. What will Sue do to try to stop New Directions? Will Shue finally get Emma? Will they go to Nationals? What will be the next themed show? I am such a loser! However, there are two starlets on this show that are very easy on the eyes and ears. The first duo induction in the Hall of Hotties are:

Lea Michele and Dianna Agron

Lea Michele plays Rachel Berry. The self proclaimed leader of New Directions and singing nerd. Are nerdy girls hotter than normal girls or is it just me? She has been on Broadway most of her career. Shows that she has been in include Les Misérables, Fiddler On the roof, and Ragtime.  Diana Agron plays Quinn Fabray. She went from being the most popular cheerleader to lowly preggo choir girl in season one. I wish I was the father and not that Puck. AAHHHHH!!!! She has guest starred on shows CSI: NY, Drake and Josh, and Heroes. These two play bitter rivals on screen but off screen they are roomies. What I wouldn’t give to be in a middle of a pillow fight with these 2. Seriously, I have my new 3some fantasy. These 2 have to be inducted for one other reason. Any girl that can wear my two favorite outfits on tv automatic induction. ( FYI: Schoolgirl and Cheerleader. Want to win me over, put one of these out fits on and email Lea Michele and Dianna Agron belt out a ballad and are inducted in the Hall Of Hotties! If you girls are ever looking for a 3rd roommate, I can be your Jack Tripper!