Will you remember the day Facebook crashed? I know where I was. I am now writing a country music ballad about it. Shit, Facebook went down faster than Lindsay Lohan on a line.

Tonight, we head back to The Office. It been awhile since we have been there. I wonder how Dwight is doing? Did you this will be Michael Scott’s last year. I wonder who is gonna be our new boss. Really, The Office is back! Steve Carrel’s final season on the show. I thought this would be a good time to make the next induction into The Hall Of Hotties:

Jenna Fischer      

The 36 year old actress is best known as playing Pam Bessly. The best love story in the history of television is Jim and Pam’s. She has a beautiful, girl next door look, I know what you are thinking, where are the dirty jokes. I don’t know if I am gonna have any. She is the girl you wanna marry. Jenna was in a couple of hit movies as well. The Will Ferrell and Jon Heder figure skating hit Blades Of Glory. She was also in the music spoof movie Walk Hard. I would walk to give her something hard. There it is. I didn’t let you down. I have filled my dirty joke quotient for the day.  She will always be the loving receptionist to me. Jenna Fischer welcome to The Hall Of Hotties!!!!! Jenna, I think you will become my new computer wallpaper, Sorry Rachael Ray.