Hey Bitches! I was sitting here thinking we need to induct the next gorgeous piece of man meat in to the Hall Of Hunks. I have thought long and hard on this one. Which was about 10 minutes. The next inductee into the Hall is:

John Cena

This 33 year old Actor, Hip Hop Musician and most importantly Pro Wrestler makes the girls scream everywhere he goes. Just look at him. it was like a Greek Sculpture came to life. John is so chiseled. He has abs that could grate cheese. Since 2002 he has been a pro wrestler on WWE television. He then branched out to make his first hip hop album called You Can’t See Me. John, I can see you and damn it’s one hell of a view. He became an action star with the Marine and 12 Rounds. He couldn’t last 12 Rounds with this hell cat. Now, he has a new film called Legendary in select theaters. John Cena welcome to The Hall Of Hunks and I want to grapple in the bedroom arena if you know what I mean.