Hey Hey Hey, Bitches. Its your girl Whit. Welcome to Ladies Weekend here at The Buzz Kill Blog. I have begged Richard to let me write more. He kept saying no. Well, then I came up with Ladies Weekend. He said yes but only one condition, Hook him up. So if you are single female and feel the need to lower your standards, send an email to Richard. Send it to him on Facebook. Just click the badge on this page with his pic on it. Now that i have taken care of that business. Lets get to this Blog. The men who read this blog have something to look and read with The Hall Of Hotties. Well, now we ladies have our own blog too. Our you ready girls for the first induction into the Hall Of Hunks. Hold on to your panties, The first inductee in The Hall of Hunks is:

Alexander Skarsgard
I was thinking do I go with the normal hunks,Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or Tom Cruise? I then realized that wouldn’t be in the style of this blog. This hunk is better known as Eric Northman on the hit HBO show True Blood. His character is the vampire sheriff of area 5 and owner of Fangtasia. His role in Generation Kill the HBO miniseries made him a house hold name. Have you seen him without his shirt on. I am getting hot just thinking about it. If I lived in Louisiana where I could meet a Vampire that looked like him I would be a fang banger. I would let him suck me dry while I sucked him dry. What a body. Whew. Did you see the cover of Rolling Stone with him on it. Yummy Yummy. Congrats to Alexander Skarsgard for being the first inductee in the Hall Of Hunks. Call me baby.

I would like to let you know what is coming up this weekend. There will be 2 more inductions into The Hall Of Hunks. The Females that make us look bad. And my biggest idea. The Dating Diva. It is dating and relationship advice from me. So if you would like to have a question answered send me an email at chpwhitney@gmail.com. You will remain completely anonymous and who know maybe this girl can help you out