What is fucking popping? It’s your favorite foul mouthed stick figure back with a little gem I found on the good ole youtube. Before, I get started. Whitney, break a Leg with ladies weekend. Even though you are a walking STD, I hope you do well. I guess. OK, Where was I, Oh yes. I found a little video of Our esteemed leader on youtube. I know some of you have seen this video. If not watch RD Russel dance to the 80s “classic” The Safety Dance.

I am going to critique your “dancing” style. First of all, I knew weebles could wobble but damn. You have the coordination and grace of a cube in an earthquake. And thanks for being so fat that every time you moved the camera shook. God, I feel bad for anyone who has slept with your ass. 25 seconds or segundos for our Spanish speaking friends. You do the Russian hey dance. Dont they get lower than that. Were you to god damn lazy to get low or were you worried about splitting your pants? I choose the latter. 28 seconds. How did I guess? Everyone who can’t dance can do the robot. Way to think out of the box gerbil fucker! 42 seconds. However, you can shimmy like no ones business. It must help when you have bigger boobs than most the women you know. 57 seconds. Walking like an Egyptian, Seriously this feels longer than Lord of the Rings movies. I am starting to just feel bad for you now. How ever like Charlie Sheens’s love life, I cant look away. 1 minute 8 seconds. Are you skiing. From now on I will be calling you Picabo Street. Look jazz hands. Its Bring in Da Noize, Bring in da Fat Ass Attempting to Brink the Funk. I would also like to add those weren’t spirit fingers. You can make an S. AHAHAHAHA. I would have loves to seen you as a cheerleader. Give me a A. Give Me an S, your response, “but I can’t do that coach its difficult. Its gives me problems like the letter i does.” Thank for the rump shake. Your milkshake brought everyone to the yard. Then they saw it was you and asked for a refund. Thank god, that is over with. I am going to go find a fork and stab out my eyes. Until next time, Figure It Out Yourself