I had a serious blog planned to go up today or tomorrow about how I was feeling homesick. I think this morning was a sign to me, not to put it up. Here is the story

I am getting my much needed beauty sleep. I have to. If I wanna become the soon to be sexiest man alive, sleep is a must. I was having a dream about talking to my crush. Seriously, most of my dreams involve her and having her pour hot wax on me while hogtied. Someday I will tell her. When I do,you guys and gals will be the first to know. I know I will tell her with the right amount of booze in my system. Booze: The Self Esteem Boost In A Bottle. That slogan there is a license to print money. Well, I kinda woke up to something on TV beeping at me. I felt like it was an episode of Springer. Still not for sure on that. I turn it off. I rolled over and the day was never the same again.

I noticed something flashing in the window. Maybe I missed turning off the TV, I thought. The TV was off. Hmmmmm. Still lights flashing. I got up to see what was going on. I look out my bedroom window to see an ambulance and fire truck. The first thing running though my mind is the church across the street is on fire. I run to the front door or in our case the side door. I look out the window only to see our neighbors house in flames. I woke up my Dad to tell him. He hurries. We are both look like chickens with our heads cut off this morning.

Our neighbors are an elderly couple in their late 70s, 80s. By the way he works, you cant tell he is that old. He is coming out of an ambulance. No shoes. No Coat. Startled. All he wanted to do was go back in his house. I don’t care who you are, your heart strings would have been pulled.My dad brought him inside and gave him a shirt and a pair of socks to wear. His wife suffered second degree burns and was rushed to the hospital. They just lost a lot of their personal belongings and memories of their 50 or so years of marriage. Our house was used most of the morning. Helping someone in a time of need is one of the best feelings in the world. I love having a big heart. I have never seen the old guy show emotion. After the dust settled and the fire was extinguished. The sun beating down on what was left. He broke down. One of the most emotional things I have ever witnessed in 26 years of existence.

I was going to put up a blog about being homesick. Seeing this couple lose pretty much everything made me have a huge time of reflection. I can’t believe it took something like this to realize something that I haven’t realized in my entire life. Life is too Short to worry about what you don’t have. Be happy with what you do have. We dwell on the bad in our life. It’s our nature. I am not gonna deny it.Well for once, lets look at the good. Tonight, when you are sitting around the dinner table or as in many cases the Television. Be thankful for what you do have. Friends, Family (sometimes), The Feeling of love. My thoughts and prayers are with this couple.

Richard Pruitt
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