This is what they call in the business a shoot. I went to a high school football game last night. I didn’t get to go to any at my alma mater last year before I moved. (I must Say, Light it Up to the El Dorado Springs Bulldogs.) I moved to the great state of Arkansas due to problems that happened with my mom. I never thought I would get to see anymore HS football games again. Well, I got to know my sister. She is one of a kind let me tell you. My sister invites me to go watch the Hoxie Mustangs play football. We try to go to every senior and junior high game we can. I can honestly say I am proud to wear the green and white. Screaming at the top of my lungs till I have nothing left.
It’s Homecoming night. Excitement filled the air. Hoxie went up by a touchdown early. The team they were playing tied it up. Hell of a back and forth game early. The quarterback for the Mustangs went down late in the second quarter. The team was motivated to prove themselves marched down the field and scored. It was an amazing drive. They were down by 12 at the half. Plenty of time to catch up. Due to some bad plays, they let Earle score a couple of very quick touchdowns in the 3rd.
I am very upset with what transpired after. Not on the field. Those boys came out and gave 110% against a team that was quicker than they were. No, the problem came from the stands. Fans began to leave. I am sorry but that is just sad and pathetic. I do not care if you are “embarrassed “ to watch your school lose. You support the boys down on the field. They need all the cheering and support they can get.
A True Fan sticks by their team through thick and thin. The Good and the Bad. I am guessing if you watch the NFL and your team goes down by 17 or more, you will be yelling at the TV. I doubt you will be changing the channel. Guess what? They cant hear your support magically through the tv. These young athletes could have used the same energy that you give on Sundays. A True Fan never walks out on their team. Have you not heard the old expression, Its not over till its over? Think about it. A True Fan will show spirit. Don’t sit on your hands and be ashamed when the cheerleaders say get up. It’s not gonna kill you to show some pride for your school. Is it?
I want to take this time to say something to the Hoxie Senior and Junior High football teams. You guys play with heart I haven’t seen since I was in HS. I think you should all be proud of the performances you put in each week of the season. I think that a lot of others will say this with me. We are all proud of you. No matter what, WE will be screaming till the end.
The Hoxie Senior High Marching Band, I want to say something to you. Thank you for not giving up on the boys like so many of the people did. It is so awesome getting to chant with you gays and gals each and every Friday night. This band has a lot of spirit and it shows. Plus, who doesn’t like Journey.
The fans that stayed till the bitter end.,you guys are the epitome of A True Fan. We weren’t happy with the outcome but we supported the players. That is what matters in high school athletics. I wish a lot more people could understand that.
This goes to everyone reading. The next time you are in the bleachers, whether it be a cool October night, in a gym, or at the diamond, support your players till the end. They will appreciate it more.
Are you A True Fan?
Richard Pruitt.