Its your favorite foul mouthed writer. I am Stick Figure ( You will be all excited when I use my Tongue. You will be screaming my name at the top of your lungs. I will be pounding you like a meat Cleaver. Just wait till I get inside your Hairy Beaver.) Dan. I think this blog needs some more Dan. I am sick of seeing that ho Whitney and that cock block take all the good fucking shit. My guess he is sitting somewhere right now with his finger up his ass, trying to hit on a poor poor girl. Enough about losers who have better odds of winning Powerball twice than getting laid.
Dear Castellammare di Stabia Mayor Luigi Bobbio,
First of all I thought you and Mario were lovers of women and their bodies. How in the Fuck can you ban the greatest thing to happen to women’s fashion? Do you thinking banning the mini skirt is going to get you reelected? Fuck No. Not only have you pissed off every women in your little town. But on the flip side you have also pissed off every man as well. I was just thinking about moving to your town to start an upskirt fetish website as well. I know what it is. You want all the mini skirts to yourself. You must have some J. Edgar Hoover thing going for you. It is ok. Just admit it. The next time you fighting Bowser and jumping on mushrooms remember any victory sex you just had is no fucking gone. Figure It Out Dumb ASS
I am not attacking the good refs. There great game callers. This is for the Game Changers.
Dear Referees of sports that like to change the outcome of the games,
Do you guys have no power in your house? Your wives beat you around like that drunk lady did the fat ass? Is the only sort of power you have when you are the field messing with the game? And for many of you, stripes don’t look good. Half you in your uniform don’t look like Zebras. You look like real California Dairy Cows. The only thing miss is a fucking mil machine. You make Richard look like Kim Kardashian. Even saying that made me vomit a little. Can you not see calls that both teams fans can see? I mean seriously once you put on the stripes you automatically go blind. A ref team of Helen Keller, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Louis Braille and Richard could do a better job. Well maybe not Richard. Make we want to take up big game hunting. Next time instead of wanting to feel the power, maybe just maybe DO YOUR DAMN JOB! Figure it Out
To all the Women out there who are dressing in Sexy Costumes for Halloween,
Thank you for giving me pictures to look at while I sat down with a nice bottle of lotion and single handedly keep the Kleenex brand in business.
Stick Figure Dan
Until Next Time Figure It Out