OMG!!! Just got attitude from a teeny bopper. I am about ready to snatch a bitch. This stupid little girl is showing her way preggo belly and strutting around like she is the bomb. Hello, stupid, you’re the idiot that couldn’t figure out how to use a condom. And you want to flaunt yourself and show exactly how you got knocked up. Stupidity does not become you.

This ignorant little slut was bouncing around flaunting her boobs at some guy and turns and knocks into me. Hello, what are you doin’ in the adult Halloween costumes anyways, planning for round two. Then you want to turn to me and say “Watch it, I’m pregnant.” Yeah, like anyone misses the twelve year old in a Hannah Montana shirt, with the obscenely huge bastard belly.

Let me guess, he told you he was a hundred year old vampire and needed your blood to battle the evil werewolf neighbors. If you aren’t old enough to tell fantasy from reality you should be lobotomized. And your mama should be smacked. Then your daddy should be smacked for impregnating her.

I tell ya what, that girl has no idea who she was screwing with. I just gave her the parting shot, “Really, I thought you were just really fat.”