We have to take care of those Mondays everyone. I always wondered why Garfield hated Mondays. It doesn’t make any sense to me. He is a cat. Not like he does anything important at all. Why was I writing this again? Oh yeah a new induction into the Hall Of Hotties. I figured this one was relevant and She Is Tabasco hott. The next induction into the Hall of Hotties is:

Jennifer Nettles    

She is one half of the Country group Sugarland. Jennifer came into out peripheral vision in 2004 when the band released their multi platinum hit Baby Girl. Sugarland new album called The Incredible machine just hit stores everywhere, and features the smash hit Stuck Like Glue. I can’t be the only male in America who would think getting tied up by Jennifer would be the Bees Knees. I know 1950 called they want their slang back. I want to say the most important thing I look for in a girl is a sense of humor. She has it and then some. Seriously, Marry Me Jennifer. My god, We would be stuck like gorilla glue. The dirty things I could to do you and not feel bad about. Please email me. And you reading don’t judge me, I’m lonely. Jennifer welcome to the Hall and break a leg with your online concert tonight. Afterwards, you better email me. I will be sitting by my laptop (Cheesy Pun in 5……..4………3…….2……..1……) stuck like glue.