I got to thinking. Are there any ladies out there who sit around and talk about me with their friends? If you do please send me an email or a self addressed stamped envelope telling me what you like about me. I know there a few ladies out there who want to break off a little of me. I will be your Kit Kat. Now that is out in the open. Why was I writing again? Oh yes. Cue the the Hall Of Hotties Graphic.

Ahhh there it is. Ok. I was watching the Modern Family Halloween episode today on Hulu. It made me think. So there is Ed O Neil, He played Al Bundy on Married with Children, which lead me to think about the pro wrestler King Kong Bundy. He made me think of Wrestlemania 2 which one of the three cities that it was held in was Los Angeles, Got me thinking about Ernest Scared Stupid, Which lead me to start thinking about Jim Varney. Which lead me to the Beverly Hillbillies movie. The Clampett’s are originally from Arkansas. Which lead me to listen to today induction into the Hall of Hotties cause she is from Little Rock. The next inductee is:

Amy Lee

The lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Evanescence. She first came into my heart with the track Bring Me To Life that came out in 2003 and was used on the Daredevil soundtrack. She formed the band with friend Ben Moody. They met each other at Church camp. The last time I went to church everyone was in the late 50s at least. If there had been a woman there who looked like Amy Lee, I think I would still be attending church. I am trying not make the obvious he has risen or Kneeling at the alter joke. It just seems like the easy way out. As Evanescence prepares to drop their 3rd album sometime this fall. i wanted to induct this goth rock princess. Remember as I said earlier this week, I kinda have a thing for the goth look. Just look at her! I could her sing and scream all day if you know what I mean and I think you do. Today, I induct a soon to be ex wife Amy Lee to the Hall Of Hotties. Amy if you read this, I want to have your babies.