I tell ya what, old people are mean. I was walkin around the mart yesterday and this old man whistled at me. (That’s right, be jealous.) And his wife turned and smacked him with her old lady bag. You know the ones that are the size of a suitcase, and all those things old ladies need. Like their depends.

But I felt really bad for the guy. I mean his wheel chair almost fell over. But at least I brightened his day, and he didn’t even need any little blue pills. His wife should be thankin me instead of smackin him around. She could have went for a pole ride. Then again maybe that was the problem.

But all this made me think of all the things old people do. And get away with. It reminds me of one of my absolute fave movies “Waiting”. This old man is sitting there going, “Well, I can flip kids off and walk around in my underwear outside and no one thinks anything of it cause I’m just a crazy old man. The down fall is sometimes I catch myself flippin kids off in my underwear and can’t remember how I got there. So I really am goin senile.” Freakin coolest old man ever.

You know this makes me realize Richard is just an old man trapped in a ugly twenty somethings body. He needs blue pills to get a rise, and he walks around flippin kids off and can’t remember a thing. I actually can’t wait to be old. I’m gonna be the Rose of the neighborhood. Hell if he’s rich enough I will be Anna Nichole. (Don’t be jealous.)