Okay gals turn away, I have got to talk to the guys. Calling all dogs! It’s time you and I sat down and talked. I have talked to my girls about this now it’s time for you and I get this crap straight. What in the hell are you doing?

Would you take the girls you are booty calling home to mama? Have you kissed your mama with that dirty mouth? (Orbit’s clean it up.) Then why in the hell are you taking all these girls home and making shorties with them. Oh yeah you’re a bad mamma jamma. You got how many babies mamas? Put a freaking rain coat on or call Maury!

And for the love of all things perverted, if you want to screw every skirt you see, don’t act like you are in it for the long run. We ain’t stupid. You are going to get caught. And when you get caught, you could end up like John Wayne Bobbitt . You want that? Then keep your promises to your playing self. And don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Either your manhood or your car is going to take the blunt of the anger.

Other than that you looking for a good time? Call me, I’m only in it for the numbers.