You find things you didn’t even know you had. Isn’t that how it works? 10 years ago you buy something, lose it a year later, find it in 8 years and think, When in the hell did I buy this? Since I am feeling homesick and having past memories coming back. I could really use a hug. No! Not from you. From the girl I am crushing on. Unless you are the girl I am crushing on. Then, I want to be showered in hugs. I’m a dirty boy and you are not clean unless you are Zest fully clean.  I felt that this belonged. I found some of my old CDs. One in particular stood out. Now! That’s what I call Music Vol. 1. The very first NOW CD. I couldn’t believe I owned this. I think it was cause of a certain Marcy Playground song. Favorite Song of the 90s Sex & Candy. Then, I started to listening to it. There are some damn good songs on the first Now CD. Fastball, Harvey Danger, Lenny Kravitz and Radiohead to name a few of the artists. If you see this CD laying in your vintage music store, pick it up. You wont be disappointed. Today’s Retro Video is one of the songs that is featured on that very album. It’s the 1996 hit by Tonic, If You Could Only See.