Halloween is Sunday. I love this holiday. All the Tootsie Rolls I can eat. Hells to the Yeah. We do have some Halloween themed blogs this week. So stay tuned. Blah! (that was a vampire impersonation. Be Jealous!) One thing, I really love about this time is Horror movie marathons. I get on a kick where most of the month of October, I rent Horror Movies. YAY for Netflix. I rented a movie called Suicide Girls Must Die. If you are not familiar with Suicide Girls, they are more of a modern pin up girl. Most of the girls are covered in tats and Piercings. THEY ARE HOTT. So i am watching this cheesy horror movie with a bunch of half naked goth girls.The plot is that they are sent to New Hampshire, (that should of been a dead giveaway.) for a photo shoot. The girls start disappearing one by one. Its deemed the first reality horror. Does anyone other than me remember Murder in Small Town X on Fox. I really think the only reason I did rent was for the half naked girls part. No really rents Jennifer’s Body cause they think Megan Fox is a good actress. They rent it cause she is Boneable. Plus she kisses another girl in it. Excuse me while I think about that. Talk Amongst yourselves……………I’m back. Well, this movie is awful with a capital AW. I knew what I was expecting going into it. YAY! BOOBS. Not disappointed there. During the whole time they are disappearing, I had a song stuck in my head. I think if I ever write a horror movie. I am gonna have someone get killed in this movie with this feel good song playing in the background. From the year 1998. Here is B*Witched with the soon to be Classic Horror Movie theme C’est La Vie