I had some mint chocolate chip ice cream this morning. I feel like I squeezed a whole bottle of Colgate in my mouth and mixed it with Chocolate syrup. Andes Mints this wasn’t. Isn’t that the best part of going to Olive Garden. Getting the Andes Mint after the meal. Those little things are an orgasm in your mouth. This has nothing to do with Retro Video but felt that the world needed to know. Speaking of feeling Minty, Didn’t you hate going Trick or Treating and come back to find mints in your bag. I might be in the minority when I say this. Peppermints aren’t candy.They are a breath mint. There has to be some cheap ass out there, instead of buying real candy just saves up his Sonic Mints to hand out on Halloween. What a cock stain! Well today’s Retro Video is the anthem for this Halloween. If anyone hands you a peppermint, I want you to burst out into this Bow Wow Wow song Glee Style. Complete with Choreography and schoolgirls. Here is Bow Wow Wow with their Strangeloves cover, I Want Candy