Hey Hey Hey, its Friday. That means the weekend is right around the corner. Halloween parties out the ole wazoo. Doesn’t matter if you are dressing as Lady Gaga, A penis, or Snookie from the Jersey Shore. We are gonna get our groove on and bust a move. You know what the best part of Halloween parties are? Say you meet someone. You hit it off. Invite your new special someone back to your place to the Monster Mash. If you know what I mean. When you both wake up, you are thinking how in the blue hell did this happen. Since you are at home they still have to get back in their costume and take the walk of shame. I love me some Halloween. Today’s Retro Video is the place everyone’s Halloween parties should be took to. I would like to dub this song as The Roller Rinks Across the County official anthem. Here is Lipps Inc. with Funkytown. (there were two videos for this song that could have been used. I decided to go with the cheesier vid due to the nature of this blog. Plus I have watched it 15 times and cant stop laughing.  This woman’s face is priceless.)