I went to bed last night a very happy individual. McDonalds has brought back the greatest sandwich ever. The McRib!!!! Those things are better than sex. I figured I would be in a great mood today. I read the news that changed my morning forever. Cue the Sad Music. I haven’t been able to stop crying for around 35 or 40 minutes. This has me really tore up on the inside. Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife are getting a Divorce. The parents of Miley are no longer going to be together. What are we supposed to do? What is little Miley supposed to do? Has any one thought this might cause her to start dressing like a slut I feel like my whole world is crumbling around me. Today, I would like to dedicate this 1992 hit to all the people effected by this tragedy. Billy Ray more than any. First you lose the mullet, then you daughters innocence, and now your wife. I hope someone can mend Your Achy Breaky Heart. (Please Hint The Note of Sarcasm)