I get home last night from a very interesting evening of shooting pool. I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I laid my little head down on the pillow. Not to much after I entered Sleepy Time Station. For the first time in a very long time I had a dream that I could remember. If you read and watched yesterdays Retro Music Video, (If Not, it will be the one right below this post. Go ahead we will wait. While we do. Did anyone catch the preview for The Rocky Horror episode of Glee. It looks awesome. You are back. Thanks for letting me know. Should have said something.) then you know that I’m crushing hardcore on a girl. I wish I could tell her. I know the butterflies I feel in my stomach when around her. I hope it’s butterflies. I haven’t ate any Indian food in a long time. My dream last night had her in it. I remember walking into this room. The room had blue walls with black trim. I turn to my right and there she is. Looking at me with those eyes that could melt anyone’s heart. She gives me the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. She starts walking over to me. My heart beings to race like a car at Daytona speedway. She takes my hand. She whispers in my ear, Maybe the feeling is mutual. I woke up after that.  I couldn’t stop smiling. Second best dream ever. You ask what is the first, Well it hasn’t happened yet. Today’s video reminds me of that dream. Here is the 1989 hit,  The Look by Roxette And for your info. Yes the dream was like a cheesy 80s video. Cheap pun in 5….4…3…2…1… She does have the look.