It’s Friday. ABC is back with a whole new TGIF line up. At 7, It’s America’s favorite nerdy neighbor. What will Steve do to cause the Winslow’s harm? Find out on an all new Family Matters. At 7:30, His kids met her kids. Now they are one big happy family. Tonight we ask, Does Cody still live in his van in the driveway and want to date his cousin? All New Step By Step. The Tanners face a new problem as DJ has unprotected sex and Danny must help her clean down there. Also, Will Joey and Jesse come to terms with the feeling they have for each other. An All new Full House at 8. And at 8:30! Find out what happens when Sabrina turns Val into a lesbian and she falls in love with her rival Libby. Also, Harvey gets kidnapped as a sex slave to Hilda and Zelda. Its a very special Christmas episode of Sabrina: the Teenage Witch. Don’t miss the new TGIF!!! I just got told it’s not 1996. This is a huge letdown. I was looking forward to that episode of Full House. Plus, the thought of some HLA (Hot Lesbian Action) on Sabrina got the blood flowing to a certain body part.
I guess putting up these retro videos has me missing the good ole days. I have received a few emails asking me about this girl I am crushing on. Is it me? No, Mom its not you. It could be if you make me some damn brownies. Well, ladies and gents, I am not telling just yet. Here is a hint to all of you. She is real. I enjoyed being asked if I blow her up. I just want to let that person know. I can have the blow up doll. That’s not a crush. That’s A booty call. Today I am going to let Jennifer Paige tell you all about them with her 1998 hit Crush