Okay ladies, we have a problem. You! I am sick and tired of hearing how there aren’t any good men out there. Ummm HELLO!Of course not, if you’re out every night with a new guy. One night stands in mass might be fun, but a prince charming they don’t make-especially out of a guy in tin foil with a beer gut. Here’s a hint, if he doesn’t look good when you walk in sober, he won’t look good in the morning sober.

TAKE THE ALCOHOL GOGGLES OFF!!! Sorry Richard, I know that’s how you get your tail. (Well that, and desperate cougars with bad vision.) I know you are smarter than that ladies. We out number the men, so it shouldn’t be that hard to rule them. Quit giving them the loving, without the ring. We want them to quit acting like dogs, quit giving them the treats!!

Okay yes I know I love my nummies, but I know what comes with that. I have no expectations for the idiots that hit on me. When I settle down I’ll go somewhere guys are easy to manipulate. Say a Comic Book convention. (How is it these things always come back to Richard?)
Til then stop the whining, geeze pull up your big girl panties and deal.