Yo! I am Stick Figure ” To all the ladies that give me calls, Instead show up at my door step and lick my balls. You may not want my warm embrace, but honey you can sit on my face” Dan. No long winded intros for this introduction into the Hall. This is my first time placing a member into the hall. I couldn’t be any harder. The next member in the Hall Of Hotties is:

Kim Possible

Kp are you with me. Miss Kimberly Ann Possible. She is so fine. And hopefully ex wife #2. A high school student by day, Crime fighter by night. I am in love with you. I hope that she would let me diddle her pooter. Her favorite hangout spot is the Bueno Nacho. My favorite thing to order there is her taco. I am a cartoon, You are cartoon. Kill Ron Stoppable and get with me. Call me, Beep Me, If you wanna touch me, It’s ok. It’s more than ok. It’s encouraged. She makes this Stick Figure have a third leg and Kim I am hung like an elephant. I would like to welcome Kim Possible to the Hall Of Hotties. I wouldn’t have any drama. And the sitch is my pants waiting for you.