I was listening to music in the car with my sister as we traveled to a football game yesterday. We would bounce around from station to station. We were listening to one that played new stuff. I would start to dance and she would turn it. I became sad. I couldn’t believe she was gonna deny the world seeing my killer dance moves. The reason I bring this up is cause I had my man revoked again. I told you I would. HA!. Bed bath And Beyond has a free soap with my name on it. My sister came up with a wonderful idea. Make an actual card that says man on it, so when I do lose it she can rip it up in public. Hurts me right here. Kinda dramatic don’t you think? Talk about a boot to the berries. Well, one of the reasons I lost my man card is cause of today’s induction into the Hall Of Hotties. The next member into the Hall is:


Katy Perry is the 25 year old, Gospel singer turned sex kitten. She released a gospel album in 2001. Isn’t that weird to think about. Look at that pic. Can you really see Amy Grant singing I Kissed a Girl. Yeah I didn’t think so. Vince Gill would have shit his bloomer if she did.  Katy Perry (Ms. Perry if you’re nasty) burst on the national scene with the smash hit I Kissed A Girl. I would watch her kiss a girl and not only would she like it, I would too. Then came her second hit Hot N Cold. No matter what she does, she always makes this writer HOTT. This past year she dropped California Gurls. Hands down the best music video ever recorded. Do you know how many lonely Friday and Saturday nights I watch that video. I can bust one out in less than 4 minutes and 1 second. She has made me have this talent by having  whip cream shoot out of her nipples. Excuse me for 4 minutes and 1 second. I’m back. She recently is trying  her hand at acting. In 2011 she will be playing everyone’s favorite blue whore, Smurfette. Her music is catchy and she is good to look at. I want my man card back damn it. Katy we welcome into the hall. Russell Brand you are one lucky bastard.