After the first week I finished with a horrible record of 3-5. Wow, I am the Kansas City Royals of picking games. I sucked worse than a group of girls working for Heidi Fleiss. I promise you the loyal sports fan and reader of this blog a better performance. Same as last week college picks first. then pros.

#21 Texas at #8 Oklahoma

The Red River Rivalry Game. Texas comes off a humiliating loss to unranked UCLA. Oklahoma destroyed Florida State but had problems with the other teams they have faced. This looks to be an interesting match up. I am going to pick the upset. Texas will want to prove they can hang. Oklahoma has let too many bad teams almost beat them. Texas wins 27-24

#11 Wisconsin at #24 Michigan State

This will be Wisconsin’s and Michigan State’s toughest game to date. Both teams come into this one undefeated. I feel like the Big 10 is trying to catch Ohio State this season. i think Michigan State has the upper hand. They will be getting their coach back from a heart attack. Wisconsin is gonna have a hard time getting past the emotion of the Spartans and the crowd. MSU wins 31-17


Baltimore At Pittsburgh

The Ravens come into this week with a win over the Browns. Seriously I think a Pee Wee team Could beat the Browns. Joe Flacco still hasn’t been able to find a rhythm in the passing game. This week is gonna be a very difficult test. Pittsburgh comes into this week as one of the 3 undefeated teams left. Their defense and run game has carried them so far this season. However, these are gonna be 2 bulls locking horns. I am picking the Ravens to win 17-10.

Washington at Philadelphia

Am I the only one thinking that Donovan McNabb will get more cheer in Philly as Redskin. Kinda weird to think about. The Redskins come into this week after a loss to the (hold all laughter) Rams. (you may laugh) The Eagles are lead by Dogs worst Friend Michael Vick. Normally I would take the Redskins but I can’t in this one. Eagles win and win big. 31-10

That does it for this weeks WHO YA GOTS? Hopefully i can come out of this week with a winning record.