So ended up last week 2-2 so that puts me at a horrible 5-7. I have a better record with the ladies at the moment and that is a little sad. Gonna bring that record over .500 this week damn it. If you don’t know the drill by now. I will pick the scores in a few college and pro games. This will also help you decide on who to bet on and pick in some strange fantasy league.


#1 Alabama @ #19 South Carolina

Bama had no trouble killing the Gators like they do on the History show Swamp People. The Gamecocks come in this week after a loss to Auburn. trying to make up for last week. I think the Cocks are gonna get eaten. Bama wins 31-14

#17 Michigan State @ #18 Michigan

Two teams. Same State. One Rivalry. Michigan State comes off a huge win over Wisconsin last week. Michigan comes off a close game against the Indiana Hoosiers. I have to take Michigan State in this one. I think the will find a way to stop Untied Laces. MSU 24 UM 17

My upset special in college is Oregon State over #9 Arizona 21-10


Vikings @ Jets

The Monday night game. Vikings had their bye last week. They picked up a receiver named Randy Moss. I think we might do well there. It not like he has any history in Minnesota anyway. Oh wait. Seriously, Moss is gonna be a huge target for the aging Favre. I dont know if the Jets are gonna be able to win this even at home. Vikings win. 31-14

My upset special in the NFL is the unbeaten Chiefs over the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. 24-21

5 games. just need to get 3 right, damn it. That does it for this Friday’s Who ya Gots!!!!