Hey Asscats, and Fat Asses. I am Stick Figure ( On this holiday, Ladies come over so I can have my way. Your Hands will be cuffed, Then just like turkey you will be stuffed.) Dan. Thanksgiving was really good to me. I stole his sisters eye drops and put them in his Pepsi. The fat fucker is gonna be giving anal birth for a few hours. It’s almost like Christmas has came early for this Stick Figure. I thought I would share that to the awesome readers of this here blog. I have a very special Thanksgiving open letter for you guys.

Dear Ben Franklin,

I respect the fact that you were a founding father. I respect the fact that you were a dumbass for standing outside in a thunderstorm with a kite and a key. Seriously, how in the hell were you still alive? How big was that fucking key? It had to be the size of a cell phone tower or my penis. I might be a stick figure but I carry a package that no UPS drives has ever seen. Ben, you did so much for this country. What in the hell were you thinking when you thought our national bird should be a turkey? That is like having Richard be the poster child for Masculinity. A Turkey? Would we have cooked Eagle on Thanksgiving? Our nations motto could have been Pluck Me or Stuff Me. I am glad the eagle won. Not one of your better ideas, Ben

Figure It Out
Stick Figure Dan