Hola, readers! Danielle back again with a very special posthumous induction to the Hall of Hunks. In honor of the close of another exciting season of Dancing with the Stars, heavily influenced by his spirit, we commemorate the life of one of the sexiest men ever, Patrick Swayze. When I heard that Jennifer Grey was going to be on DWTS, my first thought was, “It is going to be all about Dirty Dancing.” Well, I am right a lot. Let me start by saying that no one loves Patrick Swayze more than me, but I was very disappointed with the show for manipulating us with his memory. Jennifer could dance, period. I would have liked to see her win on her dancing and not because so many middle aged women who make up a primary segment of the show’s viewers had their first wet dream about Johnny Castle. Seems kind of unfair… Anyway, that is all I am going to say about that. At least the Republican didn’t win.

Today we salute the smoldering hotness that was Patrick Swayze. Beginning with parts in movies like Red Dawn and The Outsiders, he really came to my attention (and everyone else’s) in Dirty Dancing, followed up by unbelievably sexy roles in Roadhouse and Point Break alongside other Hall worthy actors Sam Elliot and Keanu Reeves. Geez, complete eye candy. The body, the hair, the eyes, the mouth. A guy dancing that did not seem like a complete sissy, a bad boy with a soft heart…what more could we ask for? He will be missed…

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