I hope you had a great Halloween.This has been a very fun filled two days to say the least. The Iron Mountain Festival here in the Ridge of Nuts. I bet many people form here saw me. I was the guy in the blue tie and Santa hat. I looked damn sexy. Hell yeah. That evening went to see Saw 3D. Very interesting in 3D. I’m very glad the second one wasn’t in 3D. Seeing Amanda go through the needles would have freaking sucked. However, the highlight for me was seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show at Midnight. I really needed to have some fun. Plus, where else can you be covered in rice and toilet paper, and pelted by flying toast. If you get a chance to do this take advantage of it. Some of the most fun you will ever have. So today’s Retro Video comes from that very Movie. I was gonna do Thriller but thought to myself that more over done Paris Hilton’s Vagina . I love me some RHPS. Let’s Do The Time Warp Again.