This is a very big day for Craving Humor Productions, The Buzz Kill Blog and myself. I would like to take this time to make a couple of small announcement first.

We have a couple of new regular post in the future. One of them is called: RedNeck Style AKA The Drunk Files. This will be stories of a drunk man and the crazy shit he does. Be looking out for that one very very soon.

The second regular feature is called I’m With The Band. We will be conducting interviews with up and coming bands. This is a way to get your name out to the masses. If you are in a band and would like to be promoted on this blog send me a message.

The next announcement is, We will be starting a Podcast very very soon. This could get interesting. Nothing will be safe on The X Factor. Be looking for that. it will be starting around Thanksgiving. More details as the time approaches.

Now The BIG ONE. In 2007 I released an album of comedy. Really Fucked Up and stupid comedy titled Sarcastically Sophisticated. This was my first album. Today, you can now download SS from Sarcastically Sophisticated On Amazon  Just click that link and for 7.99 SS can be yours. Please help the starving writer/comic needs hot wings fund.

Also Do not forget the Hottie And Hunk of the Month contest going on RIGHT NOW.Check out the rules by clicking HOTTIE AND HUNK OF THE MONTH CONTEST