And the next Post on The Buzz Kill Blog is………. Retro Music Video come on down. How are y’all doing, today? Holy ball sack! I said Y’all. It drives me crazy hearing that. And no i said it. Oh shit! I’m slowly converting my ways. Next thing you know, I’m gonna jump in the river in 2o degree weather or I am gonna drive a truck with no windshield wipers going 100 mph in the pouring rain. The only way I can see will be putting my head out the window. It’s kinda sad to think about that you will need to dry off before you take a shower. On of the main staples of my music playlist is a little Southern Rock. Can’t be a rock fan without a little Lynard Skynard, Hank Williams JR. and more recently Cross Canadian Ragweed. Today’s Retro Video is heading South. From 1986 by The Georgia Satellites. Keep Your Hands To Yourself

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