I remember sitting in my middle school journalism class listening to the radio. It was 98-99 and what a fucking great school year it was. I was in the midst of editing pics from our middle school dances. You know the most awkward time in a kids life is dances in middle school. Here is a story. My best friend was crushing on this girl hardcore. He would have wore a wedding dress to church if she asked. (Funny Thing. He Did!) She wanted to dance with him. I am telling you if the girl I was crushing on in middle school, I would have been on that like me on a cupcake. Why do I say that, cause I am fat. Well, He wouldn’t dance with her. There were three people holding him and he still wouldn’t do it. What a pussy. Well that brings us to today’s Retro Music Video. In journalism we would have the radio on like I said. The song that would make my day better. Nothing brightens the day like a girl grinding on you to this 1998 hit Marcy Playground. Here is Sex And Candy.