Hey there kiddos. Sorry, I seriously just lost what train of thought I had. I was hearing one of the hottest moms in tv history say dirty things. Judy from Still Standing, I would so dirty things to her and not even feel bad. She is so damn sexy. Ok, where was I. ah yes. Do you remember watching Vh1 in 1999 and thinking to yourself, Well, that song was catchy. No! Neither did I.As my 90s kick continues. I have a story for you all on this. I was shooting pool on Sunday. They have a jukebox. My sister likes to play songs that old people would say, “Damn that’s old.” They don’t let me next to the jukebox cause I play the songs from the 90s. I chose a little Zoot Suit Riot and todays Retro Video.My sister looks at me like I have the worst music taste known to man. She played Freddy Fender. I know what you are thinking. Who? That’s how I feel to. I just want to say. I might get knocked down but I will get back up again. Here is Chumbawamba with their hit Tubthumping.