I hurt my back moving a washing machine. I have been resting comfortably in a pair of sleep pants and my beloved Kansas City Royals shirt. I am just like the Royals. How you might ask? Every once and a while we both get lucky. Speaking of miracles happening, is there any ladies that would be willing to come take care of me in my moment of weakness? We could make it like every sitcom known to man. I could find a bell and ring it every time that I need something. By the end of it you will beat me with the bell. Would that work? I will say I am one hell of a cuddlier. I have a regional championship in cuddling. I also won a cuddling award at my 2005 Family Reunion. Also won best kisser too. That was for 3 years running too. I figured out what would draw the ladies to me. I am thinking some track suits (I just realized I would look like Sue from Glee.) and some untied Adidas shoes. What do you think? I think the look is perfectly 80s too. Maybe, I can pull off the long lost White guy from Run DMC? I think that It’s Tricky. And that is today’s Retro Video. 
Whatever hatred saves the number.