I had this dream last night. I am gonna leave some of it out to protect the innocent. That mainly means myself. I will skip to the end of my awesome dream. My college dorm room caught fire. My friends and I had no place to go. I take off walking. I turn down this side street. Up pulls a black car. Tinted windows… I have no idea who this mysterious person could be. The window starts to come down slowly. I look up and notice one of the most beautiful women I know. She looks at me. Gives me a smile that would make Heaven jealous. ( I should have warned you that this was gonna be a little cheesy as well.) She says “Where you going?” I respond “I have no clue.” She tells me to get in the car. We drive around listening to music and just talking. Well, we stop back at her house. One thing leads to another. You know what happened next? We made s’mores and sat next to the fire place. If you believe that is what happened, I have some ocean front property in Kansas that has just entered the market. We got it on. I am a sex god in my dreams. (and in real life too) It was a nice way to wake up. My Build-A-Bear was looking at me funny. It’s hard to hide morning wood from a Teddy Bear that is dressed like me. What has this got to do with Today’s Retro Video? Well, I cant really say cause that could give it away. Plus, who doesn’t like some Billy Idol. Here is the 1990 hit Cradle Of Love.